Learn how Eck® prevents harmful metal corrosion.

Eck® is a patented coating that was formulated to prevent corrosion of all kind of metals. Eck® performs 3 vital jobs in the protection of dissimilar metals. Primarily it creates a barrier between metals, seals out moisture, and is sacrificial absorbing natural corrosive energy caused by dissimilar metals.

Eck® is petroleum based, Zinc rich, prevents dissimilar metal corrosion, galvanic corrosion, magnesium chloride corrosion, calcium chloride corrosion, rust, seizing of hardware/fasteners and is dielectric for use with lighting/wiring.

The product comes in handy squeeze tubes, aerosol, and quart cans. Thousands of laboratory testing hours and numerous world class manufacturers prove that Eck® is the state of the art coating for corrosion prevention of dissimilar metals.

Ten benefits of using Eck®

  • Prevents corrosion of any metal
  • Keeps paint from blistering from electrolysis
  • Replaces the need for coating hardware
  • Replaces barrier tape and Mylar film
  • Dielectric, protects electrical connections
  • Anti-seize and lubricates
  • Never dries, won't crack or peel off
  • Easy to apply - spray, brush, dip or squeeze
  • Keeps moisture out of unwanted area

Who uses Eck®?

Eck® has both consumer and industrial uses. Some of the world's largest manufacturers use Eck® in their production process to prevent corrosion between aluminum and steel.

Dissimilar Metal Corrosion

Corrosion is as natural as aging. Simply put, it is an electrochemical process that destroys metal, reducing its thickness and strength. Corrosion is also strongly linked to cracking paint; either condition may precipitate the other.

When dissimilar metals are in contact with an electrolyte - usually water from rain or condensation, or from sources like airbome particulates, dirt, and oil, an electrochemical reaction takes place that permits electron flow from one metal to the other. By products of corroslon - sulfates, oxides, or hydroxides - take the place of the original material, although these byproducts may be carried away by the electrolyte. more information on what is dissimilar metal corrosion

Eck Corrosion Coating Protection Triangle

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