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February 27, 2014 - Nasdaq Analyst Blog

ECK products are built with a patented compound that helps to avoid expensive repairs caused by dissimilar metal corrosion in an economical way. Aluminum products assembled with stainless-steel fasteners are naturally prone to corrosion. ECK coatings which are rich in zinc prevent the electrolytic reaction, thus providing a long-lasting, moisture-resistant barrier. 

February 26, 2014 - PPG Press Release

PPG now offers the full line of ECK products, adding quart and aerosol versions to the squeeze tubes it already offered.

Corrosion: Why Do You Put Up With It?
September 01, 2012 - Fire Apparatus & Emergency Vehicles Press Release

Premature corrosion of your ambulance, fire truck or rescue vehicle cost you plenty. Take a look. Drive the highway. Look at the trucks and trailers representing major corporations or municipalities. See any corrosion?

Minimizing The Effects Of Galvanic Corrosion 
August 01, 2012 - PPG Commercial Coatings Press Release

Corrosion prevention ideas for the design, assembly, maintenance and repair of heavy-duty trucks and specialty equipment.

Hidden Corrosion Lies Beneath the Painted Panel 
March 01, 2011 - Press Release

Dissimilar metals react and cause them to corrode. Aluminum with stainless steel hardware will always corrode - sometimes sooner than later. While composite skins may cover up the issue, the remaining corrosion underneath can become a safety issue.

2010 - Peterson Manufacturing Company Press Release

Peterson Manufacturing Company has augmented its vehicle safety lighting line by adding ECK corrosion prevention products from Van Nay, LLC.

September 03, 2008 - Press Release

Van Nay Corporation of South Elgin Illinois has added the squeeze tube to its highly successful Eck® corrosion prevention coating offering. The complete product line of Van Nay's patented product now includes aerosol, liquid quarts, 55 gallon drums, and now a new squeeze tube.

Patented Corrosion Prevention Coating Now Available On The Web
August 08, 2008 - Press Release

The corrosion coating that world class truck trailer and bus manufacturers have be applying to prevent corrosion is now available to the world. Eck® (Electrolysis, Corrosion, Kontrol) a patented corrosion coating was invented to prevent corrosion of dissimilar metals when applied to stainless steel hardware.

Major Fire apparatus Manufacturer to use Eck® to prevent Corrosion
October 14, 2008 - Press Release

E-One a leading manufacturer of emergency apparatus headquartered in Ocala Florida has implemented the use of the patented Eck® corrosion coating. Eck® (Electrolysis, Corrosion, Kontrol) developed by the Van Nay Corporation, was invented and patented to prevent corrosion of dissimilar metals.

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